[Solved] EPM: TFTP only Provisioning Protocol available for Polycom Template


We just purchased EPM and hope to use it to provision Polycom VVX 411 phones.
Using the Polycom Template in EPM, under Provisioning Protocol, only TFTP is available:

From this YouTube video of a Polycom VVX 410 being provisioned with EPM on FreePBX, it appears FTP provisioning was available in a previous version of EPM (see time 1:49 in the 6:50 clip):

Can we have alternatives to TFTP Provisioning Protocol for the Polycom template again please?
HTTP would be awesome but at least FTP would be nice…




Noticed that I hadn’t enabled the FTP Provisioning Protocol in
SysAdmin / Provisioning Provisioning Protocols

My bad…

Would be nice to have HTTP or HTTPS provisioning for Polycoms.



U can use http to provision polycom phones I’ve done it work flawless.

In the provisioning section of the phone

Select http

Then your FQDN or IP of pbx and the port
Example: prov.example.com:83
Then the username in the username field
And then the password in the password field

Haven’t had any luck with https on the polycoms, too picky with the ssl certificates

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you can also do this in epm, but you have to edit the base file and make the changes to the appropriate poly parms. then train your poly devices on the server using dhcp option 66 (or the other methods)

Hi Dimitrios,

For HTTP provisioning with the Polycom, I can download a file in a PC browser when I browse to http://<server ip address>:83/<mac address>.cfg, but I am getting 404 errors in the Apache log when the phone tries to download it. With or without HTTP authentication.
Not sure what the problem is - regular FTP works great.

Thanks for your reply Dimitrios, I will keep working on it and post if I find what I am messing up.

Take care,


Found my problem…

In the web interface of the phone, I placed (server ip address):83 but in the DHCP server option 66, I only placed (server ip address).
Once I added the port number (:83) to option 66, HTTP provisioning works.

Even better, in the phone web interface, FTP is selected but if DHCP option 66 is set to:
http://(server ip):83
the phone uses HTTP for provisioning.

So a phone with factory settings (FTP for provisioning) can be told to pull its config over HTTP.

Thanks for your attention Dimitrios and Tony!


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