[SOLVED] Endpoint Manager (Commercial): Firmware management


I am trying to manage firmware through the template. In “Firmware Management”, I chose Aastra (we have Aastra phones) then dragged ‘1.13’ over to ‘Slot 1’. I verified that the firmware downloaded to ‘/tftpboot/aastra/1’

I created a copy of one of the existing templates, then down in the “Firmware Management” section, I chose “Slot 1” from the dropdown. I then assigned an extension to the template, and I then logged into the web interface of the phone (Aastra 6867i) and rebooted it.

I watched the FTP log (configs are done via FTP), and I saw the phone connect up, get it’s configuration… but no attempt to download any firmware. The phone has 4.1.xyz while the firmware available via Firmware management is 4.2.2023. Sure enough, logging into the phone it still has the 4.1.xyz firmware.

I checked the MAC.cfg file for the phone, and there is a value for “firmware server” that points to point to the right location:


Just as confirmation, I connected using an FTP client and verified the FTP path is correct.

If I just put the 6867i.st firmware into ‘/tftpboot’, when the phone reboots it does find the firmware file there and applies it.

I am just seeing if there is something I am missing? I don’t want to update the firmware of all the phones en masse by just putting the 6867i.st firmware in ‘/tftpboot’ and having all the phones download and apply it on their daily checks, nor do I want to manually update the smaller groups of phones one-by-one.

Your thoughts and guidance greatly appreciated.

Never really played with Aastra phones, but most IP phones aee optional to check firmware updates on reboot.
Find out if you have ro enable that.

I don’t see a specific option for the Aastra phones, but I think it is default. If I don’t enable the firmware management in the EPM template, and I just put the firmware in the ‘/tftpboot’ folder, the Aastra phone checks for, and finds this firmware automatically on boot.

Testing with an Aastra 57i. If I provision with ftp, the phone won’t check for firmware. If I provision with http, it will check for firmware. I can’t figure out if this is a quirk of the phone firmware or if there is a specific required config that’s missing.

Hi Lorne,

Thank you for that. So if I want to do all my provisioning via FTP it doesn’t appear I can do firmware management (at least with Aastra).

That’s not a big deal. I have done provisioning via HTTP before, but hadn’t played around with or tested enabling authentication via HTTP (I switched to FTP because I wanted to provision via a method that used authentication and it is also very easy to see in the logs without it getting mixed in with other things).

Thanks again!

It’s been a year or so since I tested so my memory is fuzzy. Either http or https provisioning (possibly both) for Aastras won’t support credentials. By all means test, but be prepared for it to fail.

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