SOLVED: Does Custom Extension Dial Feature Work?

I am trying to create a remote phone extension, i.e., an extension that when dialed, automatically dials my cell phone. My reading of the docs indicates that the dial feature of the custom extension provides this functionality.

I have been able to do this in the dialplan but would prefer accomplishing the same task in FreePBX for reporting purposes.

Currently, it does not reach the point of dialing because an error generates the following log message:

May 2 15:37:22 VERBOSE[2007] logger.c: dialparties.agi: Extension 211 is not available to be called

Extension 211 is a simple custom extension with the 10 digit phone in the dial form field. I also tried the iax2//xxxxxxxxxx format as well.

Your experiences or suggestions would be very much appreciated.


if you want to dial your cell phone in Follow Me, just put it in with a # at the end just as you would dial it. e.g cell phone: 7732223344 would be put in as 7732223344#.

If you really want to create a custom extension to dial your cell phone or any other number, put it in as follows (using your cellphone as example):

Local/[email protected]

or what ever other context you want to send the number to (e.g. a specific trunk maybe, or …)


Excellent, thanks again. I though I had searched all of the forums.



Local/[email protected]

where do i put this, in what box please?

thanks in advance!!

You found a very old thread - while that advice still works (you would put that in a Custom extension), the correct way now is to create a Misc Destination, then put the number you want to call (with # suffix if it’s an outside number) in the dial: text field, e.g. 18005551212#

Then create a Misc Application, put the extension or speed dial number you want to use in the Feature Code: text field, and make the Destination the Misc Destination that you just created.

So you call the number you specified in the Misc. Application and it routes to the destination you specified in the Misc. Destination. This keeps everything within the FreePBX interface.

Using the new method doesn’t work from the ivr for incoming calls. How can we do this?