SOLVED: Config not applied to Asterisk

Isn’t there anyone else out there with this problem and/or knows how to solve this?

Hope someone can help me out…

Cheers Leon

Hey all, freepbx is also not updating amportal.conf, like the Asterisk files in the /etc/asterisk folder.
I cannot find any errors in the freepbx debug and or log file.
Anyone here who has seen this behaviour before?

Now I’m trying to run the command that should trigger the creation/updates on the config files for asterisk and freepbx, but cannot find it.
I’m hoping to find the issue in the output of that command.


SOLVED: in my case the sysadmin module couldn’t start. Probably because of a incomplete restore in the past of the system.
The fix running all the 3 commands from the install of Freepbx: