SOLVED Cannot set https provisioning

playing around with using the built in vpn feature with freepbx trying to get some phones to provision. I spun up a new PBX and am trying to set the provisioning settings (sys admin > provisioning protocols) but every time I hit “save” it goes back to “none” for Http/Https.

as a matter of fact, no changes I make on that page stick after I click “save”

I must have missed something simple somewhere but I have no idea where. I have a certificate loaded and https is set up on port 1443 (sys admin > port management > http provisioning)

FreePBX15 and all updates applied.

Anyone have a clues as to what I may have missed?

I discovered this yesterday and opened a ticket. I suspect that a sysadmin module downgrade will resolve, but did not try this yet.

lol, thanks Lorne… you just saved my sanity…

figures, I finally get the ambition up to dive into this and there’s a bug.

There’s a fix in edge published now

appears to be out of edge at this point

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