[SOLVED] Cannot dial mobile numbers in my country

Hello all,

I am new to FreePBX, although I have sucessfully been using asterisk-based alternatives in the past.

I am currently testing out FreePBX 15, on 2 different test servers. Both servers have public IP, managed by freepbx firewall. One of the servers has an additional LAN IP (the one I am having the following issue with), its gateway being on the public IP config only.

On one of them, I cannot connect to mobile numbers in my country, though it works just fine on the other. Number rings once on the sip client, does not ring at all on the mobile, and I get the message telling me the number is not answering.

On the other server, dialing works ok – it rings on the mobile, and the call can be connected.

Outbound trunks are similar (no particular restrictions on either of them), and dial plans are identical.

What logs should I look into to try to understand what is going on?


Further testing shows that dialing some mobile numbers work, while others don’t (“The number is not answering”). All mobile numbers respond to 0ZXXXXXXXX in my country.

It would appear this is an issue with the outbound trunk, rather than freepbx itself. Using another trunk, outbound calls go through as expected.

The details that would allow to find out what seems to be the problem are missing. That said, it looks like a configuration problem.

There is no real standard format for phone numbers and sometimes a service provide might ask you to evaluate the P-Called-Party-ID header instead of the To header. You need to say which country, which service provider and show a complete invitation. You can scramble the last digits, but not the first.

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