[SOLVED] Appartement phones, just disable feature codes

To replace a dying Panasonic TDA30 i’m switching to a NUC with Freepbx
All the analog phones in the apartments are connected to a Grandstream GXW4224.
Now i just want them to be able to call outside (without restriction) and the reception (which will use a FollowMe when they are not there)
I do not want them to use ANY feature code. Not that they want to “hack” the system but sometimes they will use a code by accident.

Looking through the forums i see mention of custom context? But with just my GUI skills i’m a bit stumped.
So if anyone could point me in the right direction/documentation i would be very gratefull.

Can you just disable the feature code on the box?

The feature codes on the GXW are disabled. Tho you gave me the idea of just blocking the star on the GXW

{ ^* | xxx+ | +xxx+ }

Should be enough? the ^ is the exclude i see in the documentation.
Gonna try it out now.

Edit: put in x instead of * :smiley: :frowning:

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