[SOLVED]Any security issues with modifying /var/www/html/.htaccess file?


I had to modify the .htaccess file in order to get the directory service working on Cisco7970G phone. In particular, I just had to modify the mime type by adding one line, ‘AddType text/xml .xml’ as the phone does not like the default mime type of text/html.

Now FreePBX Framework Module warns that this file is tampered with and considers this as a critical security issue.

Is it safe to ignore this warning?


EDIT: I resolved the issue by moving files required by the phone to a separate subdirectory called ‘cisco’ with its own .htaccess file containing the required mime type definition and removing the modifications from the original .htaccess file. This way FreePBX stopped complaining about the security issue and the xml definitions for phones work as well.

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