SOLVED: Allowing restricted COS calls via operator/switchboard

We are using the COS module and have various classes of service setup for extensions, including a COS that only allows internal calls.
We’d like to allow calls from these extensions for external numbers to be put through by our reception/operators. ie the person wanting an outside call calls the reception number (actually a queue), and for reception person to be able to transfer the call to an outside number.
At the moment the system is not allowing that, the call is just dropped when they try and transfer it to the external number. Looking in the full log it looks like the call is not allowed due to "restrictedroute"
I thought I had tested this a while back and it worked, either my testing was in error, or an update has stopped this working.
Is there some way of allowing this behaviour? Possibly by forcing the COS/Context of the restricted extension to change when it calls the reception?

Solved: Looks like it wasn’t the COS module causing the problem, well not directly.
After a bit of playing around it seems it was a queue setting stopping reception transfer calls to external numbers. After setting Agent Restrictions" to “Call as Dialled” they were able to forward calls from restricted COS extensions to outside numbers.