Solution for wireless calling in a retail store

I work in a retail store and need a simple solution for cordless phones. Right now we use Cisco ATAs and cheap DECT phones, but end users say they’re always a problem.

I don’t need any advanced features. They just need to be able to make and receive calls, caller ID and voicemail. Ideally they should be able to move throughout the large store on our wireless network and not be tethered to a base station. They don’t need anything off site since these are for in-store use only.

Any advice on best options?

  • Wifi phones - I thought about trying Cisco 8821s or Cisco 7925s. Sangoma also has some DECT wifi phones.
  • Soft phones - one of our people uses Zoiper. I’d be glad to install an app on cheap android phones.

What are the best solutions? If it’s a soft phone, which app seems to be the best?


DECT is wireless but it’s not WiFi.

The Sangoma DECT phones work well.

Use a real DECT based SIP phone such as the Sangoma DC201 or Yealink W73P.

Don’t convert to analog.

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