dear team,

i need for my freepbx installations, a softswtich on my datacenter.

any experience with a good softswitch?

opensource possible?

i only knew this one:

thank you very much,

many greets

Just use another asterisk server as your soft switch in your data centre it will do everything you need. As described in the other thread

hello jas_williams,

thank you. but how i can do that exactly?
i get a test trunk with 40 channels and must setup a voipswitch…

no idea how i can do that… :frowning:

can you hel me? or a possible solution / tutorial?


You could perhaps start with

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dear dicko,

thank you for your reply.

that means; without this server (kamailio), i cant get working my infrastructure?

asterisk 01 (@customer) -> datacenter (with our kamalio server) -> public ip of our carrier?

is that correct? or can i do the same with freepbx / asterisk?

thank you very much

There are many reasons to use a true SIP proxy (Kamailio) rather than a “back-to-back user agent” (Adsterisk) for your use case wher you have one VSP and need to divide it up to multiple PBX’s

thank you very much!

do you have any ideas for the following service?

i get and send the calls via this product:

multi-national SIP trunking solution for outbound and inbound traffic,
based on a single IP connectivity to your platform.

any ideas how i can setup this? simple? for testing purposes?

thank you!

All possible, and all covered if you read top to bottom the link I gave you. Not simple but then neither is VOIP trunking :wink:

Amen Brother. There is no way this would be an easy one, but at least with Kamilio, he stands a chance.