Softswitch IP addresses


I’m a system administrator responsible for managing a FreePBX installation that I’ve inherited recently.

It’s been nice & easy so far. But I’ve received a note from our provider that I must admit has me a little confused - I can’t see where in the configuration that the information might be modified.

[quote]…before this planned works take place you will need to
ensure you have added the two additional IP addresses for RTP

IXE Softswitch:

THE Softswitch:

(I’ve changed the IP addresses to protect the innocent but you get the idea).

Can anyone tell me where in the FreePBX setup I need to add these addresses?

Many thanks.

A bit more information. I’m using FreePBX, via PBX In A Flash.

Probably, nowhere.
May be on your firewall if you have one and have some rules for your PBX there.