Softphones and kari's law/baum act

I know that this is a hot topic and I have read through many of the previous threads. My question is a bit more specific.
I have customers that are considering keeping their employee’s home permanently. They want to provide business phones to them. They want to use a softphone but I am aware of the kari’s law issues.
My question, is…given they are home and have at least one phone (if not 2), do we still need to provide 911 on the softphone? If the company instructs the user NOT to use the softphone for 911, does that give us a pass?
how are others handling this?


I recommend consulting with a legal expert on the requirements unique to your region/location. Using the defense of “The forum said it was okay” is not sound advice to be risking your business on.


A device, regardless of hardware or software, that is in a fixed location is a Fixed Device. Those must comply now with new installs, with the deadline for existing being Jan 2021.

This means that a Bria softphone for a desktop that sits at someone’s home is a fixed device. It has no plans to be moved on a regular basis.

A device that moves/mobile on a regular basis is a Non-Fixed Device. Those got 2 years to get something together because it requires more. This, again, does not apply to a hardphone or softphone but how it is used. If you are in your office on the second floor and take your Polycom to the office on the 4th floor, it moved and needs to be updated. If you do this daily, weekly, etc. It’s non-fixed.

If the device can make calls to the PSTN, it must be able to make calls to PSAPS. That’s it. Only internal, non-PSTN connected systems are exempt.

Tom, thanks for your reply, so to restate what you just said,

if there is a reasonable expection that the device is portable and will be used that way…like a laptop, then we have 2 years to figure this out. if the expectation is it will not move regularly, then jan,2021…is that accurate?

thanks again

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