Softphone with support for transfer on conference hangup


We are currently in the process of attempting to migrate away from physical desk phones to softphones. However, our inbound customer service staff has a frequent use-case that has been difficult to achieve.

CS Agent receives call from customer
CS Agent determines that third party provider needs to be involved.
CS Agent conferences in third party provider
Customer, third party provider, and CS Agent all discuss the issue
Third party provider and customer need to continue the call directly, but the CS agent needs to drop to handle other calls

On our Yealink desk phones, we are able to use “transfer on conference hangup” to achieve this behavior. We have not, however, been able to find a softphone that has the same behavior.

Any suggestions?

Are you talking about Desktop or mobile soft clients? If mobile, Sangoma Connect can do this if the soft phone user presses the “Att Xfer” button prior to hanging up.

Hi Derek,
Our softphone solution can do that - your agents would be able to initiate a conference during a call and then hang up, but the other parties will continue conversation. The apps work on any mobile and desktop devices and has integrated CRM features to serve calls more efficiently, while calls history, recordings and contacts are synced in real-time between all users’ devices. Check it out here

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