Softphone Suggestion for Inmate Call Center

Hey all,

I have done some research and I am unable to find a solution to the problem I am experiencing.
As the title says, we have an inmate call center. One of the limitations put upon us, is even tho we are an outbound call center, Inmates are not allowed to manually dial out.

They will be using click-to-call via the CRM which is TAPI compatible.

So my question:

Does anyone know of a windows based softphone that does not have a keypad or any ability to manually dial out calls? Obviously it will need to be TAPI compatible for click-to-call.
If not, does anyone know of a decent open source softphone that I could modify for my use?

Disable dialpad (I believe via a config file)

configure the softphone to accept tel: URIs (most do this), or
use something with an ARI/AMI handler to actually do a “Call Through” the softphone? that is, it calls the user, THEN it dials out?

tSIP should be highly customizable. In theory I could try to prepare TSP (TAPI Service Provider) for this, but I thought this is diminishing, last time I’ve used it with Vista. Other problem is that it might be hard to prevent user from running his own TAPI dialer (if TAPI lines would be accessible from user PC) or own “full” softphone (after looking for credentials in local config files). The only secure way seems to be completely blocking outgoing calls from these extensions on PABX and using softphone for incoming calls only as @sholinaty suggested.

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