Softphone loosing connection

Hello everyone,

I have a FreePBX in my LAN and a Softphone. The Softphone is loosing the connection always after a few minutes.

I have done a Wireshark capute on my Client where the Phone is installed and on the PBX.
The Client is sending every 10 seconds a 4 byte big UDP packet to the PBX:5060 and that packed reaches the PBX.
But still loosing the connection.

Does anyone have an idea where to look?

Does it lose connection always after the same amount of time? Check your UDP timeout in your firewall.

I don’t think the Windows Firewall is blocking the UDP packets.

The Keepalive are sent every 15 seconds and are reaching the PBX. There is no other Firewall between Client and PBX, because they are in the same subnet.

I will test the same with a new Windows 11 VM and will give you an update

Same Problem with Windows 11 and Windows 10

It always looses the registration based on the Register Intervall configured at the SIP Client.

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