Softphone Integration

Hi everyone,

Is there any way to integrate the softphone (Xlite) with FreePBX. In my client office, agents are using the system randomly (daily they will change the seating position). So they want one URL or something like that for the easy login. Is there any possible way for that.

Yes, you can register Xlite softphone endpoints to FreePBX extensions. At its most basic, you need the Freepbx server name, extension and secret. In reality the exact process for connecting will depend on the network topology of your client.

I know we can configure xlite with freepbx. But my question is different. What my requirement is, for every agents I assigned different extension. If tomorrow he/she will sit in any other system they must able to logged in on their particular extension. My friend referred Zulu but i don’t have too much idea on this.

You could use the ARI/AMI to make a webpage that has a login and pause command. Or you could use speed dials (feature codes) on the Bria app.

Zulu is free to try (2 licenses). So why not test it yourself?

Zulu 2 was very good. Zulu 3 has been challenging. I still cannot get the softphone to work (only originate), nor the most important, URL popups.

A short while ago I requested call center (login/out, pause, etc.) controls be added to the Zulu softphone. If interested, you can watch/vote for it below:

Other pre built “call control” options:
Flash Operator Panel 2:

These let a user control their extension from a webpage.

We use Bria for all of our soft phones (phasing out all physical phones, only a few left) and one way would be to have login profiles for each computer so that when it opens Bria or Xlite that it would be keyed to that persons extension number, but it sounds like setting up a queue group would also be beneficial. The extensions would be tied to the machine but a login to the queue would give them their ‘agent number’ that could be used for routing.

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