Softphone for freepbx


I’m looking for a decent softphone that I can use on both Windows and android. Options I’m looking for:

  • See which IVR option the customer used when calling
  • Look up caller id in public directories
  • Pause & transfer calls
  • Conf call
  • See contact list & availability of other freepbx users

I know of Zooiper and xlite, but they don’t seem to really ‘integrate’ (except standard SIP) with Freepbx. I’m looking for a solution like 3cx has with their own client.


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Outside of Zulu, which offers a softphone (though the mobile clients are BETA) there isn’t a “FreePBX Softphone”. Plus Zulu doesn’t offer what you are looking for.

So I guess the answer is: No.

Although not marketed as a soft phone per se, fop2 provides most of what you are looking for.


Well it’s not marketed as a Softphone because it’s not a softphone, in any sense of the term. It does not directly make or accept calls. It’s really just a nice GUI for dealing with AMI Events/Actions. At this point the only features it would offer from that list is “Availability of Users”.

But outside of all that, the one thing you failed to mention in this recommendation is that the OP would still need a SEPARATE softphone/desk phone since FOP would trigger AMI events such as Originate to “dial a call” which would dial the user’s phone and then the target destination. Even with the “Contacts Lists”, FOP2 uses the Asterisk Phonebook (ala AstDB) not the Contacts Manager back-end in FreePBX. So if contacts are being pulled from other sources, it won’t see it.

FOP2 is a Call/User Monitoring/Management interface that has no actual “phone” abilities in it. It would be used as an additional solution along side the Softphone/desk phones. may be close to what you need.

Also, most of these features can be implemented in FreePBX itself, on any phone. For example, each IVR option can route through a Set CallerID to add a prefix to the caller’s name, e.g. Sales: Donald Trump 202-456-1414. Caller ID lookup is handled by Superfecta, transfer can be done with a DTMF command, etc.

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