Softphone and Deskphone on Same Extension

Is it possible to have these on the Same Extension so that if they call a number on the screen they can simply pickup the phone and it be calling?

Many Thanks


You will either need to create two different extensions and make them part of a Ring Group and then ring the ring group, or use the User/Device mode. Lots of posts here on User/Device. It works quite nice.

The Ring Group may be easiest. Create a Ring Group. Put two extensions in it. Make your desk phone one and your soft phone the other. In the Ring Group, if there is no answer, then you send it to a VM of the desk or the soft. If you want both phones to be notified upon a VM, in your extension “mailbox” setting put 6901,[email protected] if your extensions are such. Then tell people to dial you at the Ring Group number. If it is 6911 and 6901 and 6902 are part of the Ring Group, both phones will ring when they dial 6911. If they dial either extension individually it will ring individually.

but isn’t this the definition for using the follow me feature?
It too can do ring types and then dump back to the primary ext. VM.

billhiers, I am not sure how to answer this. Can you clarify your question?