Softphone and Deskphone FreePBX

Is it possible for a softphone and deskphone with the same extension to ring at the same time? It seems whichever device registers last is the one that rings. I’m trying to use Bria-X and would like to see presence information.

PBX Firmware : 10.13.66-19

With PJ-SIP - Yes.

With Chan-SIP - No.

Ah I am using Chan_SIP. Will give it a try with PJ thanks!

If you run into issues with pjsip you can have both phones with separate extensions but part of the same ring group.

I prefer creating a second extension for the soft phone then just using follow me to the 2nd extension.
If I use 3 digit extensions I make the soft phone a 4 digit extension, so x321 would have a softphone of 3211 just because it makes it easier to determine what kind of extension it is.
Just my crazy way of trying to keep it a little more organized.

Have you tried the Zulu Softphone?

When I originally looked for solutions a few months ago Zulu didn’t have chat functionality. I now see a coming soon on the Zulu page! I know it’s the worst question to ask but any ideas when that feature might be available in Zulu?

After using the search function I see chat is available in Edge. If I use Zulu does that mean I won’t have to change my extensions from Chan_SIP to PJSIP for both softphone and deskphone to ring and show presence?

Available now.

Correct, no changes to existing extensions required.