Soft VOIP Phones suggestions

Hi Guys, Please share some option of soft voip phones that one can use. If there are any free ones, that would be best, but affordable ones would work as well.


There are perhaps a dozen that are free or have a feature-limited free version.

You might look at MicroSIP, PhonerLite, Linphone, Grandstream Wave, Zoiper.

If you need push notifications (to avoid additional battery consumption on smartphone when idle), or provisioning (so end user gets automatic setup and doesn’t see credentials), you will have to pay. Take a look at Sangoma Connect, Groundwire, Bria, Zoiper.

Which platform(s) do you need (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS)?

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I would second Sangoma’s softphones if you need them for Windows, iOS or Android. They integrate into FreePBX and have a very affordable license.

Something that can work on Windows most importantly but also Android and iOS.

Sangoma Connect/Talk should fit that bill.

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