Soft phone for iphone

Does anybody have any idea which soft phone is good for iphone which can be use as a voip phone…?

I like CounterPath Bria. I have never used the iPhone version but the Droid and PC versions are nice.

Acrobits Softphone works great. I like it a lot better than Bria.

There are many APPS that I have tried, (and be careful because, many won’t allow you to put in your own settings).

So, as far as my experience in searching for a decent app for [all] iOS devices >> based on usage and performance - I’d suggest either of the first two, although closely behind (although still in development) >> suggestions 3-4. (If using for iPad, will work, but are in iPhone/iPod screen size mode! LinoPhone offers Video Support. Unlike Acrobits, these APPs are (for the most part) - *FREE.

1 > ZOiPIER **** SIP & IAX -
>> - iTunes App Store URL:

2 > iS-Phone -
>> iTunes App Store URL:

3 > 3CX -
>> iTunes App Store URL:

4 > LinoPhone - >>
>> iTunes App Store URL:

These are only MY suggestions - *(Use at your own peril, as I do not represent any of these companies, and act only in my private end-user capacity!).

Cheers, enjoy…

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Thanks guys for your suggestions.I really appreciate.I have read about 3CX softphone software for iphone and people have complaints that it usually goes off and does not work when someone put the Iphone in holster or has not touched his/her iphone for last 5-10 minutes. If any of you have gone through with this experience? If thats right, what you would like to suggest me for iphone 4s the good softphone software will be?

This is the one I like:

Thanks Bill for your reply. How much it cost as I have noticed that this is not a free software. Are you currently using it and have you ever encountered with any problem with this software like the software disable and not working when your iphone remain idle for 5-10 minutes or when the phone is in your holster as the 3cx softphone has this problem. Please advise me…

Never have seen any problems. Yes, I know it is paid software while the others are free, but it seems to work. Don’t they have a free stripped down version?

Thanks Bill for your quick response. No, I have not seen any free version of this software and actually, there website also does not say any clear wording on it.

Any other new good softphone for iphone 4s?

this is the nerd vittles Review for iphone’s voip aplications.