Snome Phone Setup

dear community,

have one question:
if i have setup my asterisk correctly with extensions now.
how i should now setup my snom phones directly, without auto provisioning?

i mean which “most wanted” or “must have” i should activate or configure in my snom phone,
do work perfect with my freepbx + asterisk?

my currently manual setup is:
ip-address, tone scheme, extensions, encryption deactivated (sip /rtsp).

and another question: if i want auto-provisioning my phones outside freepbx,
is this possible? i dont understand how my phone should get automatic my “provisioning URL” to their settings.

can i roll out this “url” via DHCP and use a php script with MAC for Settings?

tr-069 is only supported for ISPs, or can i create a tr-069 Server too?
that i never must setup each phone for each phone?.

thank you very much

many greets

You will use option 66 in DHCP and point to your phone server’s IP address. Honestly I have configured a snom without EPM… For the cost of EPM it’s not worth doing manually.

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