Snom PA1 strange multicast issues

I’m having really strange issues with Snom PA1 multicasting. I have 3 Snom PA1 devices all on the latest firmware 8.7.75. I only plan to use them to listen for a multicast. So I went to advanced, RTP and added the multicast IP and port starting with 239. The strange thing is that one of them works and I can see from a packet capture that the one that works is sending a IGMP request to join that multicast. However, the other two just do not join at all. I cannot see any request in the packet capture to show that they are requesting to join and as a result they don’t stream the audio I send. The strange thing is that If i change the multicast IP address to it works. But it’s very random because yesterday a IP address that worked no longer works today. So I can’t keep changing multicast IP addresses. This problem is only with the Snom PA1 devices. I have 25 Yealink devices throughout the building on many different multicast channels and they all work perfectly fine. The snom PA1 just seems like a right nightmare. And yes I do reboot after changing the IP address everytime and it makes no difference.

Anyone know what could be the problem?

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