Snom PA1 Issues


I have 3 Snom PA1 devices (firmware deployed for a customer at 3 different plants, using VPN to connect all the plants. 2 plants have Ubiquiti Unifi switches and the other has an EdgeSwitch. PA1’s are powered via POE.

The issue I’m having is, the devices lose registration and paging will not work. This happens between 3 hrs and 2 weeks after a reboot. A hard reboot is the only way to resolve.

My question is, is this a Snom issue or a PBX issue. I have used both the endpoint manager to provision and provisioned manually with the same result. I know Sangoma recommends Snom for paging devices. Has anyone came across the same issue and what did you do the correct the issue?

Have you checked if the issue is only loosing registration, or maybe the VPN is going down.

Have you checked firewall logs to see if the connection is being closed by any of the sides?

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There are also multiple sangoma s500 phones at the other plants as well. These have no problems at all so the VPN is good. Just the Snom’s have the issue.

The firewall does not show any disconnects or errors. When I provisioned the Snoms manually, the firewall gave a time zone error. I fixed the TZ in the snom and they worked great for maybe a month then right back to issues. Now the firewall doesn’t show anything after the disconnect.

Also, the main plant plus the other 2 plants have this issue.

Does the snom have a parameter for registration timeout or registration renewal or similar name?

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One would assume the main plant has no VPN? So that means that is not relevant.

I have Snom PA1 units all over the place and never have a problem like this.

Yes, no VPN at the main plant.

I have found other people having the same issue as myself online but no resolutions were posted. Most people say they have no issues, such as yourself. How are you provisioning them? How do you power them?

Pretty much all of them are PoE powered.

I provision most by hand but have a couple done with EPM.

Try this. go to Setting>under General Sip Setting>Local Networking… Set this to (xx.xx.0.0/16) It worked in my setup. Where multi Local Networking did not. Don,t know why

Can you expand on this a little more, please. Also, those destinations don’t exist in the Snom.

It’s in freepbx. The pbx looks like it has a problem crossing a subnet. In my last case I tried to expand the subnet ; I was getting short if IP address. Phone were getting registered. then drop out. function and audio were one way. ( device to pbx ) Until I set the setting to xx.xx.0.0 /16

You have to reboot the pbx when changing these settings.

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