Snom PA1+ FreePBX Paging/Intercom Setup

Ive been looking for a SIP based POE powered Intercom/Paging system to be able to connect speaker’s/horns too.

I picked up Snom’s PA1+ SIP based Announcement and Public Address system to test with FreePBX a while back for clients that need paging/intercom speakers in the office. I use the PA1+ directly with a JBL in ceiling professional loudspeaker using the PA1+ internal amplifier.

No external power needed, everything powered by POE+ to the PA1+.

PA1+ setup is super easy. I log into the PA1+, tag my voip vlan and reboot. Then just enter sip server:port, ext and password from FreePBX. Registers instantly.

The volume and audio quality is excellent with this setup. Very nice SIP paging /PA device that works and sounds great!!

Need more volume or need to drive more, louder speakers/horns than the 5w PA1+ output. Just use the PA1+ as your SIP PA device and connect it to a Viking PA-2, PA-15, PA-30, etc Paging amplifier. Wire up as many speakers/horns you need and adjust volume as you need.

Im extremely happy with these products, and been meaning to post up my experience as I havent seen any more recent/relevant posts on these devices. Excellent for manufacturing floors, shipping, loading docks, office space, etc.


We use the PA1 with Valcom paging horns, amplifiers, and tone generators. Four buildings, four PA1s. Also working well and reliably.

Thanks for the post, you’re correct that there are very few “This works!” posts, nice to see.

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@defcomllc thanks very much for posting this, very helpful for the rest of us doing research on whether it’s compatible and how well it works (especially as it’s not listed as compatible, nor incompatible on the Snom PA1+ product webpage) before we go out and buy!

Does it work with provisioning from EndPoint Manager?

I didnt even try with EPM or check EPM compatibility. It was stupid easy just programming the extension right in the PA1 web admin gui…

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