SNOM PA-1 and the CEPM

Out of the box I was really excited to see the Snom PA1 as a certified device for the Commercial End Point Manager.

I created a regular sip extension, stuck the PA1’s MAC into the MAC field in the End Point section. Everything worked! I have a few snom* files in my /tftpboot directory

ls snom*
snomlect-.htm snomlect.htm

The unit boots up, pulls it’s config and registers as extension 8888. Perfect!

Only problem is… it doesn’t answer so there’s no paging.

I have another site where I configured the PA1 manually and it’s been working great. But since this device is listed as Certified I wonder what I need to change in the CEPM to make it work?

FreePBX version 10.13.66-9
C EPM version 13.0.34
Snom Firmware PA1

Is anyone using the PA1 anymore?

I would assume those would or should be set to auto-answer, if it’s not working you can open a commercial module support ticket to get someone to look into it.

I am having this issue as well. I tested the PA-1 without provisioning and it worked fine. Now I have it provisioned and I cannot get any sound. Snom has a wiki article about this, but it didn’t solve my problem.

I have this working!

I edited the basefile for the snom PA1. The following parameters need to be changed

<auto_connect_type perm="">auto_connect_type_headset</auto_connect_type> <intercom_connect_type perm="">intercom_connect_type_headset</intercom_connect_type> <ringer_headset_device perm="">headset</ringer_headset_device>

and this parameter needs to be added

<pa1_spkr perm="">on</pa1_spkr>

HTH others!

Did you open a bug report at so it can get updated in EPM

Yes I did. :slight_smile: