Snom 710 Endpoint Manager and Parking

I have my two Snom 710 phones assigned to extensions in Endpoint Manager. In the template I have the first 3 function keys set to Line and the last 2 set to park with Label “Park” value “70”. The default parking lot of 70 with first position 71 and 8 slots is configured.

The phones provision and register and display the extension. When I call into the DID both phones ring according to my DID. I can call extension to extension, and I can call out without issue.

However when there there is an active call on one of the lines, the light does not illuminate on the line key, and if I hold the call and choose another line key and call out the first line key still does not have a light to display there is an active call on that line.

Also if I press the either of the two park keys nothing happens.

When I log into the Snom web interface for the phone and check the function keys page, all 5 keys show they are using the extension and IP address for my VPS. The first 3 indicate they are assigned to line with no number or short text. The last two which should be assigned to parking, show type none, no number and short text “park”.

So the Label from the Endpoint configuration for the parking lots are being provisioned into the phone but the actual parking action is not.

How can I get the parking action to provision? Is it possible through Endpoint manager or am I going to have to manually do it through the Snom interface? If I do, won’t it lose that config if the phones reboot and it provisions from the FreePBX box again?

And also how do I get the line keys to illuminate to designate an active call?

Any ideas, this is about the last thing in my configuration I haven’t figured out.

Anyone have any thoughts?


Re Line key, there was a bug with Endpoint not correctly writing LINE in key config. This is now fixed in the latest release.

Re Park, that mode only works with the snom one PBX.
For Asterisk FreePBX, simply set to Transfer and enter 70 in the field.

Happy to help with any further questions.