SNOM 360 - Central Deployment


does anyone know how to deploy firmware upgrades to this phone from the FreePBX and time / date / registrar details etc?


The endpoint manager doesn’t allow you to make very many configuration changes, but it will allow you to create the basic config files.

What I do for the Snom 360 phones is the following.

  1. Create a file in /tftpboot named ###.cnf where ### = extension
  2. nano -w ###.cnf where ### = extension
  3. Paste the following into the file, make the appropriate change

Snom 320/360 Configuration

user_realname1 500
user_name1 500
user_pass1 12345
user_pname1 500
user_mailbox1 *97
record_missed_calls1 on
language English
web_language English
tone_scheme USA
timezone USA-6
challenge_response off
auto_dial 5
logon_wizard off
dkey_retrieve speed *97
intercom_enabled on
web_language English
4. Press CTRL-X to save
5. Repeat for each extension
6. Plug the Snom 360 into the network, as soon as you see the IP address pop up on the screen enter that into your web browser on your pc.
7. Click Advanced and scroll to the bottom and find the Update section
8. Enter tftp//serveripaddress/###.cnf where ### is the extension
9. Set Subscribe Config to on
10. Scroll down a little and click Save
11. Scroll down again and click reboot


Later on when a SIP update comes out you can add the update to the tftpboot files and ask everyone to reboot.

There’s an endpoint manager in the Trixbox package that supports the Snom 360.

That config file is for version 6.xx.xx
Snom version 7 config files are XML