Snom 300 settings (disabling auto-provisioning)

Hello everyone, since my topic is kinda related to the FreePBX universe, here i am asking if someone can give me some tips! if this violate the forums rules in any way just delete the post ^^

I easily achieved to shift from a 3CX system to FreePBX, new/recent phones doesnt give any problems,
but my snom300 keep display “Provisioning Server:failed…” even if they works fine!
i’m trying to work on the settings but i really cant figure out what to do in order to disable the auto-provisioning
(i just want that the phones keep my manual settings like ip, gateway, hour time and so on)

this are what i think are the key settings
pnp_config!: on
update_server!: (if i delete this line the phone will display the error… the problem is that this IP is related to the 3CX wich is not more in use! and i already factory-reset the phones, i dont even get how they got those settings back!)


Did you update the provisioning profiles with the right information?

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I think I expressed myself badly and therefore you did not understand me…

For what i understood, FreePBX need the commercial “Endpoint Manager” module for enable the auto-provisioning functionality, so i just need to DISABLE the auto-provisioning on my snom 300!
i want that it store the configuration i set up manually and it just stop try to get a provisioning.

Anyway, to be honest i search a section for the configuration of provisioning in the snom web interface, but i didnt find it… what profiles are you talking about?

I have a bunch of Snom 320’s and they are all manually configured. Factory reset is supposed to erase all configurations.

Exactly, i was thinking the same!

But even if i factory-reset them with the ethernet cable unplugghed, add my configurations and then plug-in the cable, they get some strange configurations from the 3CX (3CX is still active in our net… because i want to test the FreePBX for like 1-2 months and then i will completly dismiss the 3CX)

maybe i just have to change the IPs of my phones so the 3CX wont find them?

its such a strange situation!

3CX has a auto provisioning server. You need to delete your Snom phones from 3CX, otherwise they will keep being provisioned by 3CX if they are in the same network.

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Okey, this is what i was thinking from the start, sorry for not begin clear and thanks for the clarifications! :slight_smile:

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