SNG7 - Minimum Requirements (Hard Disk, Ram)

Hello Community,

i wanted to ask how much Hard Disk Space and Ram you recommend for using SNG7 Distro?

My customers have all each about 10 - 15 Extensions running.

We tried to install the Distro on a cloud Server:
1 vCPU (newest intel Skylake)

Will this be enough for using Sangomas SNG7 for many years or is it too less space for this?

Actually i tested a fresh install and still have 14GB Free Disk Space left.

for short term yes but for long time with update and modules maybe you will have trouble to upgrade your pbx server again.

Thank you,

the next bigger Cloud Server has 2vcpu, 4GB Ram, 40GB SSD.

What can you say about this?
We will sell the PBX with a “hardware” that should work for years.

Second options better then first one. If you have options for little big disk space 80GB or 100GB i will prefer big disk one.

Next Product is 80GB with 8GB Ram,
but this is too much RAM for FreePBX :smiley:

But the Cloud hoster allows me to switch from a lower Product to a higher everytime as i like.
Then i “just” need the extend the lvm Partition in SNG7. But i dont know if this will be easy without gooing into other Problems :smiley:

Yes you right 8GB its more and expensive. I think for now 4 ram 40gb ssd options its better for you.
I fond this documentation. I hope to give you some idea.

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