SNG7 Admin password change

It’s pretty unbelievable to see that there is still no easy way to change the admin password from the GUI.

What would the the correct way to do it? Looking through the forum, there are many many topics about it but passwd-amp seems not in SNG7. How to do it?

Changing your password is one of the most basic requirements, why is this not in the GUI?

This has never been a cli command.

You can change your password from the GUI. But what password are you talking about. The GUI password or the root password.

I have used the below before on SNG7.

mysql -D asterisk -e “UPDATE ampusers SET password_sha1=SHA1(‘YourPassword’) WHERE username=‘YourUsername’”

I would like to change the admin password used to login to the webinterface of FreePBX. There is no “admin” user visible under “Administrators” or “User manager”

Are you sure it’s not under administrators? Did you open the sliding nenu to the left right?

I had the exact same issue only I didn’t name my first user “admin”. It seems the first user created on first boot up is nowhere to be found in the web GUI. I probably missed it but my post above worked for me.

If you mean the Admin menu right to the “frog” that drops down and then -> Administrators, yes, completely empty.

I can add an administrator there it says but “admin” doesn’t appear anywhere. Also the old warning is still there :

NOTE: Authorization Type is set to ‘usermanager’ in Advanced Settings - note that this module is not currently providing full access control and is only used as a failover, stop-gap until this pane is fully migrated to User Manager. You will still be able to login with the users below as long as their username does not exist in User Manager

The mysql route as suggested above worked (but I still find it strange that this is the only way to make a simple password change in a GUI that is so advanced)

My bad, I meant the sliding menu button on the right under Admin, Administrators.

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