[SNG 7] One way audio


I’ve updated my machine from a custom distro using Freepbx 15 to SNG 7 using FreePBX 14.0.11.
Now, In this new machine I’m getting one-way audio.

I know this is a firewall problem. But I’m using SNG7 distro with the builtin Sangoma Smart Firewall. The trunk settings ips and everything are the same. Is there anything that I should do on the freepbx firewall to fix this problem?

I’ve disabled the FreePBX firewall and I’m still getting the same issue.

My setup is:
SNG7 running on a AWS EC2 Instance. On my aws security group I’m enabling All traffic on All protocol and All Ports to be delivered to the instance. The trunk that I’m using is Twilio.

I can connect to the PBX using a VOIP client on my computer and also when I dial an external phone number I receive the call correctly. The voice from the VOIP client is getting to the cellphone fine. But the voice from the cellphone is not getting back.

Also I tried calling an internal extension from the PBX. Looks like the voice from the caller is also getting trough but when playing back an audio or a MOH for example, the caller does not receive any audio even when calling an internal extension and not using Twilio trunk.

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Are the RTP ports forwarded to the PBX? Also, in the extension settings, is NAT set to Yes?

@PitzKey that was it. The NAT was set to No in the extension settings.
Weird that I’ve never changed this option on the other install it. The default was “yes” not sure why in this one the default was “no” anyway it is now fixed.

Thank you so much :wink:

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