SMTP Email Setup w/ Sys Admin Pro

I’m migrating my server to Cyberlynk. The new server is version 13.0.70 (PBX3)
My old Server is version 13.0.57 (PBX2)

Both server email setting are exactly the same

When I received email form PBX3 the sender is [email protected]
On my old servers, the sender is [email protected]
How do I make PBX3 so the sender would say [email protected]


Just wondering if anyone is having the same problem?

Nope - check your advanced settings to make sure the From address is set correctly in there.

The following settings are setup correctly. Are there any more settings that I missed?

User Management Module
Email “From:” [email protected]

Backup Management Module
Email “From:” [email protected]

Voicemail Admin
Servermail: [email protected]

Under “Advanced Settings”, near the bottom, there’s an e-mail address that also needs to be set. Did you get that one?

I did replace the one closest to the bottom which is User Management Module
Email “From:” [email protected]

I’ve also notice, I set FreePBX Web Address to but when I get an email with voice mail, it shows
http://AMPWEBADDRESS/ucp. It seems that some of my config in Advance Setting is not being save.

I’m using Asterisk 11.21.2 with FreePBX 13.0.7


I’m having the same issue, did you get a workaround?

Just a thought, but is gmail rewriting the sender address?

IIRC it sends [email protected] on behalf of [email protected] by default. I think that’s to stop spammers pretending to be and giving the domain a bad reputation (or your own domain if you’re on google apps).

If that’s your problem, I think I got around it by adding an alias to the account and then it wouldn’t get the ‘on behalf of’ added. EG: ‘[email protected]’ would have an alias for ‘freepbx’ and then that email account would happily send as ‘[email protected]’.
Also, you might need to have MX records for the domain (eg; for ,rather than just

All of that’s from memory, it’s been a while since I’ve had trouble to solve like this.