exten => sms,1,JabberSend(transport,[email protected],SMS from ${SMSRC} ${SMSTXT})
exten => sms,2,Hangup()

im not interested to use jabber, but i want pbx sending me an normal email as like geting the voicemail via email. is this possible to configure?

Regards Lars-Gunnar

FreePBX has a field in the extension setup for voicemail. No dial plan code is required.

i already use voicemail via email, but i want sms via email and im interested to se if is going to do via the cmd line or a script ?

Regards Lars-Gunnar

the same question, sm3yfx could you resolve?

If I understand correctly, the SMS module is now open source, so you should be able to look at that to get more information about this. If that’s the case, installing that may get you where you want to go without a lot of pain.

Either way, the short answer is “Yes”. The long answer probably involves writing a custom dial-plan to forward the SMS text to the e-mail address associated with the extension.


I would like an e-mail notification. Can you explain how you did it?


You’d like an e-mail notification of what? Voicemail (which the system already does) or SMS (which is a recently “open sourced” module) that nobody has really done much with, since most of us are just trying to gets the phones on the desk to ring.

I have not looked at the SMS module yet, so all I can say is “the information is right there - let us know what you find.” If you want someone to develop it for you, talk to @lgaetz and see what it would cost to have commercial support take a look at it.

Where can I inspect this recently open sourced module? I have a similar challenge as elaborated in my post “Send text messages through a SMS gateway via HTTP over Internet”.

I have no idea, ask James @jfinstrom or Lorne @lgaetz. I’m sure it will end up being on GitHub somewhere. My suspicion is that they would rather discuss this in PM versus hashing out an entire conversation here.

The SMS module is not open source.

Sorry - I thought that James had mentioned that it was a couple of months ago - that’s why I thought it had recently been changed to open source. That’s what I get for reading the forums in my sleep, I guess - must have dreamed the whole thing. I apologize if I got anyone’s hopes up.

You are thinking of XMPP, same concept, different letters.

That must have been it. Sorry about the confusion.