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I am not sure where else to post this question, I am trying my luck here… I am getting mixed answers from different providers.

Question: Is there a way for a someone who uses one-on-one SMS via a VoIP DID to not have to be registered as a Brand along with a Campaign Registration?
From what I understand, the A2P 10DLC Regulations were put in place for “Application” to Person SMS messages, such as marketing, account notifications etc.
One would imagine that one-on-one SMS is not included in those since they are not automated. But in reality, any SMS sent from a VoIP number comes from an “Application”

So what kind of “campaign” do one-on-one SMS users register for?


@tonyclewis did a writeup about 10DLC 10DLC New Fees & Processes | ClearlyIP

The only 1 to 1 is basically mobile device to mobile device. In general with FreePBX you will be interacting as a “chat” app. There are low volume “campaigns” which means less than 6 messages per second. This will work for a majority of voip folks I imagine.

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Even with mobile to mobile, it seems that if the conversation is business related you’ll need to register as well.

So if I understood it correctly, the only people who don’t need to register are those who use SMS on mobile for personal use.

Incorrect. The mobile carriers have said any text that comes from a non mobile number is considered 10DLC. Do not get hung up on the old A2P or P2P as it’s been replaced with 10DLC.

Now to answer your question. The Campaign Registry just came out a few months ago with a new classification called “UCaaS” as all us PBX and UC guys all complained thatbcampaigns makes no sense for us as none of the classifications matched what our users do.

There solution to the industry complaining was instead of saying ya you should not have to register campaigns was to double down and say ya your right none of them match and thanks for explaining how UCaaS works and oh here is a new classification to use when you register your campaign we require from each and every one of your customers.

Here is the actual language that describes the UCaaS campaign type.

UCaaS companies provide cloud delivered communication services for businesses. Each number assigned to a UCaaS campaign is typically assigned to a different employee of that business and the use cases are varied. This use case is not for any API/automated driven communication."


Thank you for explaining this.

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