SMS Project

First of all, this is not a strictly ASTERISK/FreePBX project, but with the plethora of knowledge here, I thought I’d give it a try.

Our Convention Center tasked me with looking into some system that does this:

A client sends an SMS, that SMS is then relayed to selected reciepients.


Client of Convention Center at meeting texts: “I need an extention cord in Meeting room 2.” That message is sent to the on site support staff and the extension cord is delivered.

This can be an external service or something that runs on a local computer.


As a PIAF follower, I am aware of discussions taking place there. As far as I know, all of these projects use Google jabber/gtalk:
SMS Dictator -
Teleyapper SMS -
SMS Blasting -

Yes…I was familiar with this from PiaF, but I also need the other half, where a user sends an SMS to a number then the SMS the client sends is sent to preset SMS numbers.