SMS Not Working in UC or ZULU. What do I need to do?

I’m using FreePBX I’ve had a paid subscription to Sangoma’s SIPstation for a year now. The DID says it’s SMS capable. All of the other DIDs I have also say that they’re SMS capable. Everything as far as the products I’m subscribed to seem to be compatible with SMS.

I’ve tried sending a text from the UC and it says “Invalid DID”. SMSs TO my DID never reach it. I tried sending texts with ZULU as well and any outgoing messages disappear after a few seconds and incoming messages never make it. All permissions in the User Management section in the SMS, UC, and ZULU tabs seems to be correct according to the WIKIs and other community posts online.

It’s a pretty fresh install with almost nothing modified besides using the SIPstation registration keycode for auto trunk configure and two extensions. Routing seems to be working fine as ports 5060-5061 and 10,000-20,000 are open only to the SIPstation domains and all incoming and outgoing calls work perfectly fine.

So what am I missing? Is it the carrier itself or is it something I’m missing? Any special ports I need open? Please let me know. Thanks.


If your provider supports SMS maybe you can start by asking them if any specific configuration is needed for it to work.

It’s SIPStation, and OP said that it’s SMS compatible.

OP, have you read the wiki?

@corebiztech Have you verified the SMS messages are being received at all? First they have to hit the PBX and then be sent to the Zulu softphone app. So are the SMS messages even making it to the PBX? Because if they aren’t that’s your issue right there. If they are, then you have to look at why the PBX isn’t sending the message to the proper devices/users or if it is and the device (Zulu app) or the endpoint (extension) isn’t accepting them for some reason.

Thank you for your responses everyone.

So far, Sip Station does say that the number is SMS compatible. Also, I did first try to use SMS via the UC user portal via my browser, THEN tried using the desktop Zulu app. Blaze, how do I ensure that SMS is reaching my PBX? Do I need to open certain ports? I’m not sure what I need to do to make sure that it’s working properly. SMS messages aren’t sent or received with either method. I tried to and from different wireless carriers without success. Any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

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