SMS (mms?) with twilio

is there any way to configure twilio to work with freepbx for sms and mms?

Yes but since you haven’t explained how you would want it to work, can’t tell you the best way to do it.

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Ideally sms would work with both the ucp (for handling corporate numbers) and with individual users dids would work with a softphone app.

Relevant discussion happening right now?

If I’ve understood the Flowroute discussion, already mentioned, correctly, the US mobile operators won’t let your SMS number be the same as your DID number. (However I’m not completely certain that 10DLC numbers are in ranges disjoint from VoIP ones.)

For what it’s worth, clients that have wanted to use SMS with their business DID have had to sign up for a third party service (different service providers specializing in serving that particular industry). They were able to port away just SMS functionality to those service providers while we were able to keep the VoIP portion of the number with Twilio.

For them to see/respond to messages thought they have had to log in and use that third party vendors provided methods, which is usually some sort of web portal that SMS functionality is just a small portion of the functionality.

For example, we have a Spa client that does all their scheduling and SMS through this third party service.

That’s not how it works at all. You can have voice/messaging on the same VoIP number.

To do mass messaging and marketing in the US you needed a Short Code number, generally 4-6 digits. Those were very expensive and still are. There were also Shared Short Codes, meaning that X number of companies could use the same short code but replies, etc would indicate how it would be handle. There are no longer Shared Short Codes in the US, instead we now have 10DLC aka 10 Digit Long Code.

A 10DLC number is something that requires an Application to send the messaging. Much like how Short Codes require that. VoIP numbers require some sort of application to facilitate the messaging, therefore VoIP numbers fall under Application-to-Person. The only thing considered Person-to-Person without an exemption is mobile carrier to mobile carrier.

So basically a provider doing residential service could get a P2P exemption but it comes with a lot of rules. Outside of that, any VoIP number being used for business needs is automatically 10DLC. No getting around that at all.

That’s still not clear to me. Can a 10DLC number be the same string of digits as a US VoIP number, or do 10DLC numbers have to be taken from a pool reserved just for SMS. I’m not asking whether or not the 10DLC SMS bureaucracy applies, but whether the 10 digit numbers for SMS are dedicated to SMS or whether you can register your existing VoIP number as a 10DLC SMS number.

The articles I’ve seen seem to talk about 10DLC numbers as though they are in dedicated ranges, and calling them long codes, rather than numbers, seems to support that, but given that they are presumably not going to allocate a 10DLC number that is the same as someone else’s voice number, as it would cause confusion, I’m not sure why the can’t just be 10 digit phone numbers.

I’m a VoIP provider, I assign you 1313NXXXXXX. You can now receive calls and inbound messaging (SMS/MMS) to that number. Historically, you could send SMS/MMS from that number without any extra things being done (you might have had to enable messaging on the number). Now? Now, you need to register your Brand (company), create the needed type of Campaign(s), assign that DID to a Campaign.

There aren’t different pools for 10DLC or non-10DLC. Every number in the US being serviced by a VoIP provider falls under 10DLC because it requires an application to facilitate the messaging.

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