SMS messages in UCP show date/time 7 hours behind system time

When a message is received in UCP through the sangoma connect module, the time is 7 hours behind system time. Perhaps coincidentally, I’m in Phoenix which is -7 for time correction. Does anyone know of a way to correct the time for SMS messages? There is a function to do this for Voicemails, select your time region, but I can’t find anything for SMS.


By what process are you sending SMS messages?

Thanks dicko…these are incoming messages to the PBX from cell phones. I am using the Voip Innovations connect module and Voip Innovations trunks if that is helpful.

I’m assuming the system is using the UTC time uncorrected for my location. I don’t know if there is anyway to affect that.

Sorry, not familiar with that module. Generally Linux likes to have it’s clock at UTC and systemd’s timedatectl set for your TZ. However PHP wan’ts its own re-definition of TZ on initialization and further you might have two php.ini’s one for your web service and one for you shell.

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