SMS forwarding or failing over?

I had a text end up at my cell phone yesterday morning which is set at Voip Innovations as the failover for that particular DID. I dont see anything in the asterisk log or in UCP and VI support swears that there is no such thing as an SMS failover. They suggested I talk to Sangoma about it. They do acknowledge though that the same exact message came in from a number I dont recognize to a DID in the PBX and then 2 seconds later was sent out to my cell phone from the DID.

I also checked the 10DLC registration for that DID and my cell phone number doesnt appear anywhere in there.

Anyone at Sangoma familiar enough with both sides of this to know how to diagnose this?

Also, is this feature something built into the PBX somewhere?

so the text message received by your mobile showed as originating/being-sent-by the VI DID where the mobile is configured as a failover ?

have you ever used the numbers email to sms gateway address ? thats another way something could appear in that manner

Yes on the first part. A 949 number texted a 951 number on my VI account and at the same time my 650 cell phone recieved the same exact text from the 951 number. VI sees both texts but the PBX does not.

I dont have anything set up for sms to email. I talked to VI support again and he is 100% sure it’s being forwarded from the PBX somehow but I did some more testing with different phone numbers and I’m not having this issue. I can see the incoming texts in the asterisk log today, but for whatever reason I dont see anything for outgoing. I dont see anything yesterday when the mystery text came in.

They confirmed that the 949 number is registered to send SMS but calling that number doesnt go anywhere. Assuming it’s either spoofed or its something set up only for SMS and not calling.

i assume you are using the VI module ?

anyway not something we are going to debug publicly

if you want to dig further into this please open a support ticket and cite the commercial module for VI on the PBX as the initiator including the initial VI support ticket please

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