SMS Capability

I see that FreePBX has an SMS module, but it appears to only work with SipStation. Our provider is Bandwidth – does anyone know of a working SMS solution that will work with Bandwidth and FreePBX?

We wrote wrote own for Clearly IP. Afiak nobody has done the same for bandwidth.

The integration is not documented…

Unfortunately it is not documented on purpose. You have to reverse engineer a bit.

The module.xml for the sipstation module will give you the hooks. I think the module itself is obfuscatedi don’t know of the sms module is obfuscated. In either case neither are GPL so you can’t use any of their code.

PHP has several functions to dump class methods and functions which o use even with open source modules because sometimes it is faster than scanning 20k lines of code.

Slight correction, the SMS module in FreepBX also works with VoIP Innovations.


Makes sense. Sangoma buys VoIP Innovations, and naturally their SMS module only supports Sangoma owned providers. eyeroll

What kind of integration do you want? Do you want to integrate with Zulu, Connect, and UCP, or do you have something else in mind?

@billsimon Great question, I should have clarified that. Ideally, it would integrate and work with UCP. Zulu would be a plus too. I was more or less just curious to see if any integration with Bandwidth existed to start off with. Seems as though that isn’t the case, and we’ll need to evaluate different carriers that do have some sort of a working integration. Appreciate the reply :slight_smile:

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