SMS broadcasting

I last asked a few years ago so it’s time to ask again. What options are there for sending out a lot of texts via the broadcast module (or any other module)? I’ve got a customer that does a decent amount of broadcasts (maybe 2-3 times a week) and wants to start sending texts to their clients. Thanks.

Not a module, but we use the Zipwhip with the API to deliver 1,000s of SMS everyday.

It has been super flexible, and the API made it easy to integrate into dialplan. They do have an dedicated API for mass texting. They also have a web frontend for users that need a manual interface. Twilio works much the same. These have been great tools.

Not exactly built in, but integrates well.

Thanks. How easy is it to just upload a list of numbers to send the same text to? And how much does that cost you on a monthly or yearly basis?

Via the API, its pretty trivial. You just need a script, in whichever language you choose to call the API against your file. Pricing is listed on the site for both companies.

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