Sme 7.4 server + FreePBX

hi, i have installed FreePBX on my server, i don’t understand exactly how it works but to make things basic for you guys to understand my question, here is my system setup: internet --> adsl router --> server, pc1,pc2,pc3… now i just want to understand how the FreePBX concept works, i have installed it for fun and to learn something new, it’s my home network by the way. Can FreePBX be hooked up to a land line phone instead of the internet ? meaning it wont call nobody on the internet but will call using the land line phone line. basically this is the setup i am thinking in my head (again i don’t know exactly what FreePBX was created or is used for and in which context…) ** land line coming inside the house --> server – > room1,2,3,4,5 …now somebody calls in, room2 answer but call is for room5, room2 puts on hold caller, contact room5 and conference the caller with room5.

What are the equipments i need to purchase to make this possible ? in my head i have, 5 phones with conference and hold capabilities, some sort of pc card…

please note there’s only 1 land line connected on my house right now. I don’t want to technical explanations since i don’t have the training to understand it, basic concept might be better.


Is your FreePBX working, can you get to the web screen? Did you install Asterisk?

You need to read the getting started guide to one of the distro’s that uses FreePBX. Look online for PBXiaf without tears.

If you ask a “technical question” how can you NOT get back a “technical answer”

you need to read…start here and move on to the Freepbx docs, then you can come back and ask a question.

But like Scott said, get a working PBX up and runinng to will answer many questions along the way.

actually what i mean is what FreePBX is used for and what can it do, i know it could perhaps do so many things… please only something you did will be fine…

about technical questions/explanations i mean nothing software/programming oriented since I’m no programmer, hardware stuff will do.

i have a box running, Asterix, Dahdi Drivers, FreePBX interface, Recordings, Asterisk-Stats and Flash Operator Panel and all is hooked up to a backend database server. everything is hooked up together, no errors, so i need a card to start using FreePBX for real!!

i’m thinking something like a Digium TDM400 card and adding X100M, S110M modules, twice that and i will have what i need i guess :slight_smile:

Sounds like you have gotten very far. Have you tried some extension to extension dialing with soft phones?

You could always sign up for an inexpensive SIP trunk for testing.

You need phones now, you can often get good deals on eBay on Aastra, Polycom and SNOM all great phones to use with Asterisk.

Well for one thing it is a PBX, a phone system
The link I posted shows you how things go together.
You can use the system to have office all over world as a single office phone system
you can tie many PBXes together across the world to call for free between them
you can create a calling card system (A2Billing just had a new release and new ways to make money)
Chat lines, phone ads, offer VM call forwarding services / throw way phone numbers any phone related service
you can build off the system, to create something new or to replace something old

The limit is your mind (well that on money / time)

So the question is what can it NOT do…Wait I am thinking here…What can it NOT do…
I can start coffee brewing, turn on / off lights, deploy a VPS, Have it monitor a IP cam and call the dogs phone and fuss at them when they trip the motion detection.

let me see… what can I not program the box to do…Non-sexual that is…
UM I will have to get back to that one…I am sure there is something that can be hacked together.