SmartOffice on-prem only?

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So I am interested in trying out the SmartOffice offering but when I was reviewing what was needed I was told you need to have an onprem unit. Ours is hosted in a datacenter.

I guess I do not understand that. Isn’t the PBXact server just going to communicate with the SmartOffice gateway kit over IP? I wouldn’t think it would matter where the IP was.


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You logic seems sound, but I would contact Sangoma directly to confirm.

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It was a sales rep that told me that and their documentation implies I still need an on-prem device, just not sure why.

“This easy to use web application controls user permissions and license management. The SmartOffice Manager is available in a standalone appliance platform which connects directly to your local network and communicates with your cloud-based or on-premise Sangoma phone system for user directory information. It is also optionally available as a software module for on-premise FreePBX/PBXact customers

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Hey Brian,

If you want to shoot me an email I can discuss all this in much more detail with you (, but basically that on-prem gateway only serves to communicate to/from the wireless devices, over zigbee. It will receive requests from the Smartoffice Manager, whether its from the built-in module from an on premise PBXact/FreePBX or the standalone appliance version. Id be interested to continue this discussion with you.

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