SmartBLF contacts actions

Hi. I managed to get the SmartBLF working with display rules and everything. I can control regular dialing and vm with the X-Digium-Call-Feature headers, but what about transfers?
wiki shows an example as <action id="blindxfer" dial="103" dial_prefix="" label="BlindXfer" name="Blind Transfer"/> but how do i get from that to asterisk knowing what “blindxfer” is?
Wiki makes it sound like there is a way to go from an action to a custom context.

I’m just trying to get the 1 touch blf transfer working, and not sure about the action part of it.

Does it let you do something like




## is the blind transfer feature code so if you dial that you get a dial tone typically. Then a pause then the extension.

** or ## didn’t work, but looks like
<behavior phone_state="hold/transfer" press_action="primary" press_function="transfer" />
did the trick

Yay! :smiley: