Smart BLF - P Series XML

I am looking into upgrading from a D65 with EXP-150 to the P325 with PM200.
I currently have Smart BLF setup on the D65 with a custom XML file for both contacts and the actual BLF.
D65 Contacts.xml example here
D65 BLF.xml example here

My question is, does the XML function the same way between the D Series and P Series?
The docs here are less than helpful because it doesn’t show what a sample BLF.xml file or contacts.xml would actually look like, whereas the docs for the D series phones are very thorough and do show examples.

I’ve not done it manually, but I’m pretty sure the BLF config between D and P is largely identical.

Note that the P325 does not support an expansion module. For that you’ll need a P330 or P370

Thanks for the heads up on needing the P330. I would have been mighty upset (that I didn’t read) that it’s not compatible with a P325.
And hopefully it is that straight forward… Will update this thread if and or when I upgrade phones.

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