Small issue

Okay, so I’ve posted here a few time (I’m a slow responder most generally) and usually gotten my answer or been pointed down the correct path. I’m super new to the PBX thing so don’t be too hard on me.

I have my phone system up and running (40+ phones) everything seemed fine however when someone calls in and they need to press 4 to be directed somewhere it says Invalid response same with outgoing calls as well.

I can provide most info needed if I’m laking any. I have tried searching the interwebs but my searches have come up with problems not similar to mine maybe in searching for the wrong thing I’m not to familiar with all the terms just yet.

First describe your trunks (by what method the phone calls get to your box) . . .

Using with a SIP trunk is this the info your after?

We would normally assume that rfc8233 should work, but if your incoming calls land on an IVR ,try forcing answer.

Outgoing calls are a different kettle of fish.

Either way,try adding DTMF logging to your console and full logs.

Not too sure what this frc8233 is but One of my DIDs is using IVR for inbound the other destination is to a certain extension am I in the right place

My bad typo from my phone


It is the underlying standard to route phone calls. To watch it’s effect both inband andout of band set the DTMF logging on

well, I’m unsure of what fixed the issue but someone else working on the phone system has gotten it working. I will post the fix soon Thanks for the help dicko!

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