Small Business rates for sip trunking USA compared to PSTN

Please forgive this very stupid question, but so far I am not able to get a handle on it.

My client has a small business with PSTN century link phone system, three lines. Their monthly bill runs about 266 USD. This is in Idaho USA.

We are considering a freePBX linked to twilio elastic sip trunking. Forgetting all setup and hardware costs, using our current high speed cable internet, I’m trying to guess our Monthly bill for the sip trunk alone.

can anyone make a wild guess or point me to a resource which can predict sip trunk savings over PSTN small business rates?

It would depend on where you call, but for me, the average for our outbound calls cost $0.007 and inbound will always be $0.004.

If you could get a few of the past bills you can get a good idea on the cost. Also how many channels/concurrent calls do they need because their are cheaper options out there depending on how much you call and how many channels you need.

I also downloaded a list of their termination cost per minute and linked the area codes to a geo location with vlookup and added it to a google my maps. Let me see if I can srub it and share the link for you.

This is a matter of number of minutes per month. I pay $0.01 per minute plus a few bucks per inbound number.

Here is the catch though : you can’t guarantee quality over a cable modem. QOS does not work inbound. Depending on the number of simultaneous channels, it may be worth getting DSL to handle the SIP trunk.

That reminds me a few other benefits of Twilio, unlimited channels (1 call per second limit out no limit on inbound).

Their trunks work a bit differently and have no authorization so you can spoof your number to anything you wish, where I currently have our users either spoofing to our main 800 number or our sales spoofing to their cell phone numbers with the cell phones being forwarded to the DID assign to them.

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