Slow Apply Configuration Changes

I just setup FreePBX and am noticing that it takes 70 seconds to apply the configuration changes. It was fast at first, but with 170 extensions things really slow down. I did some investigating and the reload is all done with PHP. Since PHP is only running as a single thread the reload_conf process is only using 10% of the cpu according to top.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to speed this up? Are futures versions of going to have a better implementation that can multi thread the apply changes process?

Yeah I already have the memory limit and execution time increased. The reload completes successfully, it just takes a long time.

It may be the long way around, but sql-based dynamic extension may be quicker from a change-management reload perspective. I haven’t gone that route with extensions, but I did move to mysql stored procedure from inbound route dial plan statements with stellar results.

In my own case and by way of example, I was using the inbound routes as a poor-man’s “whitelist.” The thirty-or-so inbound route entries were noticeably affecting reloads and call setup times and it was obvious it wasn’t going to scale well (and fair enough, because I was using for an “exotic” purpose). I wrote a sql stored procedure and sync’ed with my blackberry’s 500 entries (way up from the orig 30+). The call processing time drop to 0.2 sec using sql stored procedure from an average of 1.5 sec using dial plan stmts.

You may have similar fortunes. Perhaps a veteran hereon has dialplan vs. dynamic extensions compare-contract experience they can share.